Saturday, May 21, 2011

Do not Get Sick

Agrees that poor people are prohibited from pain, at least it is in my mind today. It will not tell grandiose grandiose health problem in this country, which is so large. From the expensive drug problem to care hospital that forced the lower classes of society to think out of the hospital, and chose traditional medicine, although sometimes the treatment is not disconnected with the disease experienced. How not, cancer pain treated by immersion or with a black stone incense, no connection at all. Or for those who really are desperate they will choose to suppress the disease.
This paper will not discuss the hundreds, thousands or even millions of people in this country who experience health problems and services 'unworthy' of this State. This paper will only tell you my experience as a resident in this State. The experience of pain and needed medical treatment does teach many things, patience, accurate science through hospital queues, sorting through drugs given doctors / health workers, and many more that add to knowledge. One morning late morning at a clinic, in a crowded queue, look at some of the sick from a toothache, broken bones, the official receiver and the caller's queue cards the names of patients with visible emotion. Can be understood, how the emotions are not already hot, musty smell, must write the names of the patients (I think this clinic is not using the application programming services to be still manually write the hand, even if there are not that patient data can also enter their own except to use service robot, or tools such as cashier-teller who used the store if not mistaken her name barkot by detecting the codes or the lines in the packaging), not to mention the need to answer some questions from the patient, must explain how to sign up, finally snapped out of words, faces unpleasant , and expressions of pain in the ass to be seen. Imagine how the patient's feelings? Already queued, confused way list, not to mention for elderly patients can not read write eh ordered data writes, restrain ill make ketambahan see officers hurt. That is just the space registration is not in the doctor's or health workers who deal with patient treatment. Front bersahabatpun not offered the officers, only the students practice giving a little 'cool' though still doubt his knowledge but for poor patients are not so important any more trouble recovering and cheap. That experience in the treatment of common diseases, how to practice midwifery in childbirth? Apparently not much different, although the standard everywhere midwives allow patients to give birth to wait for openings 10 times the baby will come out, but because of the many patients and the number of students practice so increase the discomfort of mothers who give birth. After giving birth, do not expect to get a wheelchair, a glass of milk, stomach care after giving birth, which is the road itself, the tea water (if they have any food officer, if not take drinking advice from home aja), not to mention if officers rush nanganin Another patient, plus it feels sore wounds after childbirth. Then the patient and family must be prepared nyuci pasienpun maternal clothes and baby clothes (baby clothes must bring their own, there is no free laundry service especially baby clothes free) Distinction of services is very much different feel when you're experiencing health problems we contact the doctor's office. Patients who are not so much, installed air conditioning, the staff friendly-friendly, dokternyapun lots of smiles, from a general practitioner, gynecologist, dermatologist, pediatricians, to the dentist. If the queue with full air conditioning, TV channels, a refrigerator full of drinks (but buy your own), it feels comfortable to hold ill heart patient. Similarly, the patient after giving birth, layanannyapun very much different, from the stage to see opening up to business laundry washing clothes and baby mother all served well. That's the problem of service, what about the costs, medicine, and drug prices? This is a major problem, if Java people say "ono ono Rego RUPO". True indeed saying that, to get the service that good of course we have to reach the pockets super deep. For the cost of physician services and drugs, about different pukesmas a physician practice or private hospital about 10 times that. So it is with her medication, although there is a generic drug options, but in fact not all drugs that have generic drugs, not to mention the drugs for children with a sense of expensive drugs that kids love the taste of drugs with generic drugs (meaning bitter). And differences in drug prices rose a consideration, for it if medical treatment in private hospitals or doctor's office if it is not anti-biotic drugs just take a third, or half a recipe, or do not have to be redeemed just buy the herbal medicine when we already know the illness from the doctor. But if one is anti-biotic medicine and we'll take it then to be taken all and be drunk all, because if not anti-biotic it could be a "new problem" to our health in the future. Want to know the different prices and services with physician practices medicine clinic or hospital in jogja? For this year, if not increase, the cost of treatment in pukesmas to general practitioners approximately 10,000 with the cost of the drug list and, if need be patched or tooth extraction, for blood tests, ultrasound scan, add more, the cost of giving birth approximately 300.000an. then to practice doctors and private hospitals, about eight to ten times as much, sick general practitioner about 20,000 to 30,000, dentist, dermatologist, and pediatricians about 50,000, and 75,000 obstetrician once a check, not a cure. To give birth at doctors who are both Muslim, friendly, beautiful, patient, have reached approximately at least 2.5 million with no room vasilitas III, if you want a VVIP dug deeper about 4 million, that's the price of a normal delivery if needed Other services such as drug runway, cesarean section, or other help get ready for super super deep. The cure depends on the pain, additional recipes and additional vitamins. From these experiences, ultimately an expression of poor people are prohibited from pain that is appropriate for the description of health problems in this country. Pain with a thin bag or even be prepared to face inconveniences in pain holding volunteer. So health care is a right solution today, has much to offer from water therapy, exercise therapy, sports therapy, respiratory therapy, herbal therapy, and of course financial therapy (this last one, the most important ^-^). By Ummu rafie 2011

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