Saturday, August 27, 2011

Steve Jobs Resign from CEO at APPLE

After several rumored to be resigningthe official Steve Jobsfinally officially announced his resignation from Apple.

As quoted from the Wall Street Journal on Thursday(08/25/2011), Steve Jobs said that he was no longer able tocontinue his duties as CEO at Appleand pointed to Tim Cook,Chief Operating Officer (COO) Apple as a replacement.

"I always say that that would come a day when I will no longer beable to perform duties as CEO of AppleUnfortunatelythat dayhas arrived," wrote Jobs in keterengan official.

The Apple says that he wrote his resignation letter on Wednesday and suggested that Tim Cook was appointed as his successorCook also stated by Apple will soon fill the vacant positions.

"Apple's Board of Directors has agreed that Cook is the right person to be CEO of Apple's latest," said Art Levinson,Genentech chairman and member of Apple.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Motorola Acquisitioned by Google ?

Chief Executive Officer of Google Larry Page gave an explanation for the Internet giant's surprise decision to acquire Motorola Mobility worth USD12, 5 billion, last night.
Since its launch in November 2007, Android is now a major player in the OS market. There are currently no less than 150 million devices around the world adopt the Android operating system, where more than 550 thousand new device is switched on every day.
Page claimed that Google's acquisition of Motorola's decision is part of their efforts to develop the operating system even further.
"Following the phenomenal success of Android, Google is always looking for new ways to develop the ecosystem. I am therefore very excited to announce that we have agreed to acquire Motorola," Page said in a statement quoted by Cnet, on Tuesday (08/16/2011).
"Motorola has a history for more than 80 years of innovation in technology and communications products. So also in the development of intellectual property, which helped push the mobile computing revolution that we can enjoy today," Page added.
"2008, Motorola did a big gamble by making the Android operating system as a single throughout his smartphone devices. It was a gamble that smart and we are delighted with the success they have achieved to date. We believe the mobile business they will continue racing," he continued again.
Page explained that the cooperation between the two giant companies were later able to create an amazing experience for users while enhancing the quality of the Android ecosystem for the benefit of consumers, partners and developers.
Even so, Google acquired Motorola's decision inevitably raises concerns for Android users other vendors. They are certainly anxious Motorola would benefit more from Google.
However, Page quickly dismissed such concerns. "This acquisition will not change the commitment to run Google's Android as an open platform. Motorola will continue to be one of the owners of Android and the Android licensing remain an open platform. We will run the Motorola as a separate business," he said.
"Many other hardware partners who have contributed in the success of Android, and we continue to look forward to working with them all for the sake of presenting a great user experience," Page said. (

Friday, August 12, 2011

Game on Google+ Start Launched

Social games for Google+ finally become a reality. But only a handful of members who can get access to the game.
Yes, Google+ officially announced the presence of a number of social games on its platform, Friday (12/08/2011). This new offer allows users of Google+ play games directly from the social networking, in which several games could also join Google+ play other users.
Some games are already present in Google+ including Angry Birds (Rovio), Blitz Bejeweled (PopCap) and Poker (Poker).According to Google's Engineering Director David Glazer, it was deliberately launched only a few games as a warm-up.
But Glazer confirmed Google is slowly continuing to add features game developers as well as before the service is truly open to all members of the Google +, as reported by Cnet.
So, exactly when Google+ users can get access game? Senior Vice President of Engineering Google's Vic Gundotra explained that this feature is gradually opened to the community of Google +, but all users can get "in the near future".
"Google+'s social networking service still requires an invitation (from another user), so users must register first to mengkasesnya," added Gundotra.
Gundotra also explained that users could see only the updates if they play the games in question, so do not make their streams 'tightness'.
"If you are not interested in games, very easy to let. Stream you will stay focused on conversations with people you care about," complete Gundotra. (

Saturday, August 6, 2011

iPhone and Windows Phone colonized in the Country Self

Sometimes technology is not friendly with his own house.Evidence of research from Nielsen's research institute, in Juneabout the mobile phone operating system in America, suggests that Apple actually evicted. This brand is like a brand of the nation's land. Once the case with Windows (see Microsoft'sWindows Phone, RED) is like a product originally from USA,was stunned by the aggressiveness of Android.

The institution said Android has become the "king" in this country. Android has surpassed the number of Apple-madephone that just sits in second place until the middle of this year.Total Android phones held by the American people as much as39 percent. While grappling iPhone only 28 percent. Beneath it,a product that debuted the neighboring countries, the BlackBerrywith the percentage of market share by 20 percent.

The remaining 13 percent divided to Windows mobile phone by 9 percent. And that 4 percent - it is funny-distributed to cell phones or Palm OS sorts WebOS and Nokia.

The only American brand that plays in the vehicle Android,Motorola, also made ​​the situation "hard to breathe in their own country" increasingly felt. Manufacturing is a global lost by HTCof Taiwan. Motorola just 11 percent and flanked by the otherAsian players, Samsung is sitting at number three Android phones. If you have this, android is actually attacked America.Android firmly united. (

Survey: Members of Google+ Able to beat Facebook

Google+ had just noted the acquisition of 25 million membersthis weekend. Some developers believe the social networkingsite owned by Google is able to pursue a number of members of Facebook in the future.
Based on the survey conducted by research firm IDC,approximately two-thirds of 1621 respondents believed that Google+ is able to beat Facebook in the future. The reason? More than 68 percent of respondents believe that assets such as Google's other search engines, YouTube, or Google Maps, able to defeat the achievement of Facebook.
Of course, if you look at the total member-owned Google+, 25 million, is still have a long distance to compare it to Facebook, which has reached more than 700 million members. Moreover,according to Experian Hitwise analysis recently, Google+ traffic began to decline compared to the initial launch.
But the developers believe that prediction will be proven. The reason, Google + is considered as a new platform that is able tobecome a new star cyberspace after Facebook did, 2004.
"Developers continue to pay attention to current market needsand the future. Google + is an opportunity to attract their attention," explains Scott Schwarzoff as Vice President of Marketing of Appcelerator as quoted by Cnet on Thursday (04/08/2011).
Although Google+ has not given set of APIs (application programming interface) to developers, approximately 72 percent of developers who follow a survey from IDC is planning to write tothe API of Google in the next 12 to 18 months ahead. That means only about 1 percent of the API's Twitter and 11 percent under Facebook's API. (

Android beat the IOS in the U.S.

Android operating system became the most widely used smartphone users United States.
Google's operating system accounts for 39 percent share of the OS in the land of Uncle Sam, ahead of Apple's IOS which recorded 28 percent. Similarly, Nielsen's analysis of the 20 thousand post-paid users are reported by Engadget on Friday(29/07/2011).
However, Nielsen nonetheless pointed to Apple as amanufacturer of smartphone sales ever in the U.S..
Achievement of Android is not separated from the fact that the OS is adopted by major vendors such as HTC, Motorola and Samsung. Meanwhile, Apple is the only vendor that uses the IOS.
Meanwhile, the BlackBerry platform from Research In MotionApple trailed in third with 20 percent market share.
Completing the list is Windows Phone and Windows Mobile fromMicrosoft (9 percent) and webOS and Symbian each recorded 2 percent. (