Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kaspersky Present Three Trends Information Technology Security

Kaspersky Lab experts identified a number of important trends after analyzing a number of threat information technology (IT) in the first quarter of 2011. The trend among malware began to attack mobile phones, the increasing attacks on the organization (company, corporation), and the outbreak of attack data through social media. The increasing attacks on the enterprise server is a trend that's hot. In addition to conventional DDoS attacks that block access to corporate servers for a indefinite period of time, many other attacks that focus mendaptakan unauthorized access to the server in order to steal information. These signs indicate that some of the professional cyber criminals have moved away from mass attacks from home computers to large corporate piracy. This practice would involve a greater risk to the attacker, but the stakes and the rewards will be obtained related to the attacks that are targeted at large companies especially are still competitors in the market, it is tempting. In the first quarter has also seen a wave of protests carried out by cyber criminals with more purpose to damage the reputation of the company rather than a profit. One example is the famous incidents of attacks targeting piracy HBGary, IT security firm based in the United States. After successfully accessing confidential proprietary information, the hackers then publish to the public. This practice is quite remarkable by Kaspersky Lab experts. Because the information stolen is also usually sold to another party or used to blackmail the party was attacked in order not to be published. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mozilla Firefox 5 Released

Today the Mozilla Firefox browser officially present 5Firefox 5 have no different than previous versions. Only the placement offeatures Do Not Track relocated to more accessible. Mozilla also claims, Firefox 5 is more 'lighter' than the previous series, so it takes up less memory. Firefox 5 now also has support for animation css developers moreeasily create simple animation effects for a site, even without the need to mess around by writing complex JavaScript.

Although offering a myriad of improvements over the previous version, Firefox presence of five still reap a lot of questions.Therefore, many users are wondering why life is so fast Firefox 4.

According to James Lee Phillips, analyst and author of the technology, it could be because Firefox increasingly squeezed bythe growth of Google Chrome, forcing Mozilla to immediately do a lot of changes. But in terms of appearance, Firefox 5 do not change much from version 4.

Mozilla Firefox 5 can be downloaded at the following link : WindowsLinuxMac

Malware Attack into the Android increase up to 400 percent

Malicious programs attack aka malicious software or malware into the Android operating system continues to increasePlatform made ​​by Google that is now used increasingly popular in smartphones and tablets that have now become a new target forthe spreaders of evilEset launch digital security company, malware attacks to date to the Android platform increased by 400 percent since the period of September 2010. Also reported that the method for distributing malware on mobile devices is through the activity of the highestdownload applications, and the majority of smartphone users do not equip the devices with antivirus protection.

"In terms of security, mobile communication devices is still relatively old-fashioned, tend to be primitive and policies arecontrolled by the vendor, it just added to profitable opportunities for the perpetrators of cyber crimes. Therefore, it is advisable forusers to exercise caution when using mobile communicationsdevices, "said Randy Abrams, Director of Technical Education at ESET North America, in a statement received, Tuesday (06/21/2011).

The security situation is a mobile communications device is currently still open, without adequate safety systems. This should be wary given the current perpetrators of cybercrime are developing a device to carry out attacks against these devices. If the perpetrators have begun focusing on mobile devices with an OS that had been attacked, such as the Windows platform, then that mobile malware and phishing will reach epidemic levels.

"The mobile communications today has become like a desktop in the form of a small, but unfortunately the security device in the form of antivirus software has not been widely accepted by smartphone users as crucial as the completeness of the desktops andlaptops," said Yudhi Strong, Technical Consultant PT Prosperita-ESET Indonesia. (

How to Success in Business Using Twitter

Forty-six percent of Twitter users college graduates and aged between 18 and 34 years. If you try to achieve these Twitter users for your business, then you must understand the market in Twitter.
Let us discuss about Twitter users. According to Nicola Ziady who pursue interactive marketing, 40 percent of people who make the user's Twitter account is active, while 46 percent of Twitter users are college graduates. Then 92.4 percent of Twitter users have a follower (follower) of less than 100 people, while 0.94 percent of Twitter users has more than 1,000 followers. Other data said, 76 percent of Twitter users use the internet wifi network.
Well, what time is a busy man using twitter? In America, people busy using twitter at 20.00 with 1.4 million people who post on twitter, while Wednesday and Thursday of the busiest days for Americans using twitter every week. And the age of Twitter users in the United States, more than 50 percent aged 18 years and 34 years.
(1) ShareSharing (sharing) is a good approach to ensure the flow retweet and interactive messages from your company. Strategy that extends the amount of content and conversation, makes your brand more reliable. Have some staff to ensure the flow of messages on Twitter still flowing is also important.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lunar Eclipse, June 15 2011

Private Cloud On Demand

For small companies and medium enterprises that have a primary business depends on the server, cloud services becomes an attractive alternative because it offers significant cost efficiencies.The solution provides efficiencies in terms of cost and management servers compared to dedicated-server.
Effective for service providers such as company-persahaan news online, game providers, content providers, application providers, and others, do not need to buy servers and perform self-care. All submitted to the service provider cloud.

Opportunities in Digital Industry

Birth of the many opportunities in the digital world is related to the growth of Internet users are so very fast. As more people use the internet, the more things can be produced and used. People from far away places connected for business and work together. When people start doing the transaction online, many opportunities to appear. During development, growing online shopping sites and online payment system more simple.

Angry Birds Downloaded 1 Million Times Per Day

Software companies from Finland, Rovio, which is a gamedeveloper Angry Birds are now on the rise, the successful course.Game is known as a swarm of birds such figures are so popular,even a record number of downloads of up to 1 million times perday.

That said Peter Vesterbacka, Chief Executive Officer of Rovio, aposition originally given the nickname "Mighty Eagle" in the Mobile2.0 Europe conference Open IDEAS, Thursday (16/06/2011) in Barcelona, Spain.