Friday, September 30, 2011

Skype Expands Its use in the Android

Skype is now adding its expansion into Android. Now the application that serves to make voice calls and video is already compatible with over dozens of new smartphones and tablets that use the Android operating system.The new version of the Skype application, namely version 2.5, now adds support for 14 new phones, like the Bionic Droid, 2x Optimus, Nexus, Droid X, and Atrix 4G. 

Tablet Amazon 'Kindle Fire' for sale 199 U.S. Dollars

As previously rumored, were really Amazon finally released its first tablet device called Kindle Fire. Tablet with a 7-inch screen will be priced at 199 U.S. dollars only.Kindle Fire using the latest version of the Android operating system that has been modified and equipped with dual core processors. In addition to standard applications are supported through the Android Market, Amazon uses the tablet to display its flagship services. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a video about iPhone 5 that make curious

Gadget lovers do seem impatient with the latest release of the iPhone is touted as the iPhone 5. These products continue to be discussed and awaited, though still a rumor. Even when there are users who download YouTube videos about fictional prototype of the iPhone 5, millions of people see it immediately.

Friday, September 23, 2011

OnLive cloud gaming launches in UK

Gamers will gain access to nearly 150 top-tier titles on Thursday asOnLive, the on-demand cloud gaming service, launches in the UK.
Consumers can sign up for free at and stream triple-A games via almost any broadband Internet connection to their HDTV, PC or Mac. OnLive says the service will soon extend to iPad and Android tablets.
OnLive founder and CEO Steve Perlman says the cloud-gaming service can offer game experiences on virtually any connected device.

7 Things the iPhone 5 Really Should Have

With the long-awaited iPhone 5 release reportedly semi-imminent (Al Gore, and AllThingsDigital, both say so!), it's time to take stock of where smart phone technology has arrived--and where we hope it's headed. Here are a handful of features that we've got our fingers crossed about, and hope to see in the next model of Uncle Steve's wonderphone.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Online Game Solve the Puzzle of AIDS

Thousands of game players solve puzzles related to AIDS treatment instructions. It only took ten days for them to answer the riddle surrounding the enzyme that has been occupied for years by scientists.Computer games can be played online which is named Foldit.Collaborative game is combined with Tetris and encourage his players to double the amount of protein to achieve complex shapes. The players can use various tools to twist, shake and interactively change the shape of the protein.

Manufacturer Playbook layoff 1000 employees

Taiwanese companies, Quanta Computer, one of the world's largest computer manufacturer, announced plans to cut 1,000 jobsfrom a plant in Linkou, northern part of the island nation. The plant recently opened again a few months ago to meet the rising demand for hardware vendors, especially tablets.

"They offered a great compensation package if you want to retire early voluntarily," said company spokeswoman on Wednesday(09/21/2011). Factories in Taiwan is only a small facility that dimilikQuanta. All the previous factory in China with total employees65,000 people.

Factories in Taiwan was closed several years due to cost of laboris much cheaper in China. However, the plant was reactivated in early 2011 in anticipation of market demand. One of them, demand the production of consumer tablet Playbook magnitude Research InMotion (RIM).

Taiwan local media on Wednesday, calling that a reduction by halfof employees in Taiwan are due to sluggish sales of tablet PlayBook. RIM sold only 200,000 units in the second quarter of 2011 is much smaller than estimates by analysts to reach 700,000 units.

iPhone 5 Launched on October 4th?

Instead of October 5 or October 21 as rumored over the years, butApple's latest smartphone is tentatively called the iPhone 5 will belaunched on October 4, 2011. Similarly, a recent report quoted by leading technology blog AllThingsD.

According to credible sources, a blog affiliated with Dow Jones'sclaim that the iPhone 5 will be sold in a few weeks later. Applecould have changed the schedule at any time, but for the Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to appear in public on that date.

This launch will be the first debut Cook (50) on the stage as Apple CEO Steve Jobs that replaces resigned on 24 August. During this new product launch Apple's Steve Jobs has always done so it becomes a powerful icon for Apple. Jobs is known as the brains behind Apple's innovative products from Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Until now as ever before, Apple closed the meeting as to what form the smartphone to be launched. However, rumors, Apple toutedprepared two versions of the iPhone at once. Each new version with a wider screen and better camera, called the iPhone 5 and economical version of the so-called iPhone 4S.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

History Behind the Angry Birds

Anyone today who do not know the game Angry Birds? Almost all smartphones and tablet users never played a game that is light but make opium. Angry Birds According to data already downloaded as much as 250 million times, this does not include knick-knacks are sold.Just like any other game developer, creating Angry Birds Rovio Mobile is full of struggle to achieve success as it is now. Not many people know that the Angry Birds are not the first commercial game studio created the game.Here's the history and the Angry Birds Rovio, the Legal summarized from various sources, on Tuesday (09/13/2011).

Apple Approach Google For Most Valuable Brands

Apple is getting closer to Google's position as the most valuable trademark in the world, so says a new study.

Apple's brand is now worth at $ 39, 3 billion or over 33 percent oftheir value in early 2011, according to a study conducted by consulting firm Brand Finance.

Firm Brand Finance based in London stated the results of his research after examining cash flow and financial metrics Apple andother companies. In the top list of most valuable trademark in the world, occupied by Google, which is worth $ 48, 3 billion.

The value of Google's trademark according to Brand Finance is expected to continue to increase, as the giant Internet company recently bought thousands of patents from IBM. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Friday (16/09/2011).

For Microsoft was ranked third, just a little different with a valuebelow Apple's $ 39 billion. The launch of Windows 8 will by analysts predicted might be able to overtake Apple's achievement. Apple logo then the company should be extra careful.

The most interesting of the results of this study is, four of the mostvaluable brand in the world held by technology companies, ieGoogle, Apple, Microsoft and Big Blue. Below the top four followedby companies such as WalMart, GE, AT & T and Coca Cola.

Earlier this year Apple has also occupied the second position to the category as the most valuable companies in the world. (

Posting on Google+ Declines 41%

Instead of continuing to climb since its inaugural launch, posting onGoogle + actually decreased, according to a recent study.

As quoted from T3, Saturday (17/09/2011), the latest data saysthat Google + appears to be failing to catch up, due to lower postsin the service by 40 percent.

Although there was a 'run' enrollment in the early days of its release, is now posting on Google + actually decreased 41 percent, according to a company that offers users the opportunityto link your Twitter account and Google + them. This decrease is inversely proportional to the invite as lively discussed when theservice was first launched.

ManageFlitter manufacturer service Twitter to Google +, saying thattheir data indicate that the published posts declined from 0.68percent per day, to 0.40 percent. Even so the company says that this does not include the post is private.

Previously + Google hopes that Google can or at least close up,with a variety of features which he owned, including Circles, andmany others.

It seems that until now the user still feel at home using Twitter and Facebook, while Google + could lead to its own hype.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Intel collaboration with Google

Intel announced that it has teamed with Google to develop a special chip to get the best performance of the Androidsmartphones.

"Our collaboration with Google will bring powerful new capabilities to market that help accelerate industry innovationadoption and choice," said Intel CEO Paul Otellini at the opening of the IntelDeveloper Conference (IDC), in San FranciscoUnited States(U.S.).

"I am delighted with this partnership possible," he continued. "Thiswill enable our customers to bring exciting new products and user experience to market that utilize the combined potential of the Intelarchitecture and the Android platform," he saidas reported byTerraNet, Wednesday (09/14/2011).

Intel collaboration is of course beneficial to both partiesMoreover,as is known, Google is expanding into the smartphone market witha deal to buy the Motorola Mobility for USD12, 5 billion.

According to Otellini joint effort by Google and Intel aims to quicklybring the Atom processor family into the smartphone market that will push Android smartphone

"Combine that with an affordable smartphone Android roadmap,with the power of Intel open up more opportunities for innovationand choice," said Google senior vice president of Mobile AndyRubin"This partnership will drive forward the Android ecosystem."

Two Northern California technology giant has a history of workingtogether to harmonize the chip and software on the project include Google Chrome TVs and notebook computers.

Green IT World, Not Just Wear Clean Energy

We may have often heard the environmental organization Greenpeace protests against logging or hunting whales. But there is one environmental organization's protest that shocked the industry of information and communication technology (ICT), namely their campaign against Facebook's data center.
Greenpeace is launching a program "Cool IT Challenge" in 2009.One aim urging operators to reduce data center energy use and find solutions to address global warming. Opposition to the data center Facebook Facebook itself triggered the decision to build data centers in Oregon, using electricity from PacificCorp, a generating company which produces 67 percent of its energy from coal.

YouTube Introduces Video Editing Features

YouTube has just added video editing features that allow the uploader to make changes to videos that they upload in the online video site.

As quoted from Physorg, Thursday (09/15/2011), John Gregg,YouTube Software Engineer, said that the 'Edit Video' allow changes in the video by adding effects, background noises ordecorate swapping videos on YouTube.

"Previously, when you upload videos to YouTube, you can not do something about the video," Gregg wrote in a blog.

"But from now on, you can edit the video directly from YouTube," he added.

Previous ones, complaining that the video uploader comments and counter view in the video is lost, when they lowered the video to edit and upload them back to YouTube

Many features are developed on YouTube lately, one of which is their integration with Google+.

4 Important Features in Windows 8

Microsoft claims that they have re-created through the WindowsOS 8, ​​the latest new operating system introduced by the gianttechnology company.

As quoted from Mashable, Wednesday (14/03/2011), Microsoft introduced Windows 8 Build officially at the conference which took place in Anaheim, California. Features such as display face Metro,touch screen support, improved performance, a mainstay in the new OS.

Here are four important things that should be listened to onWindows 8:

1. Windows 8 serves for tablets, laptops and desktops
The biggest difference between Windows 8 with its predecessor isfull support for many devices, not just for laptops and desktops, butalso for the tablets. In addition, Microsoft also introduced the Metrofront view previously popular in the Windows Phone.

2. Windows 8 runs much faster
Microsoft's latest OS has increased much faster performance.'Impressions records' previous activity in the memory has beenreduced, an increasingly short boot time (less than 8 seconds). In addition, the OS also supports USB 3.0 and Hyper-V.

3. Windows 8 will have its own app store
To support this browser, Microsoft also launched a Windows AppStore. The move is seen by analysts as a move to rival Apple'sApp Store IOS.

4. The touch screen feature in Windows 8
The developers at Microsoft recognized that Windwos 8 is designed to use the touch screen feature. Although the OS isfunctioning quite well with the mouse or keyboard, but Microsoft said that the Metro is a front view of the future of Windows.

The things that Microsoft bet for competition in the OS markettoday. Analysts see this move is good enough to revive the name of Microsoft, which recently 'buried' by Apple

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Advertising Google Chrome Lift Humanitarian Sides

Google Chrome's first television ad appeared on national television as his first campaign before it is officially entered to invest in Indonesia. Ads that are part of the campaign "Make Internet Covering an area of ​​creations" It picked up the story about an Internet user (netter) that utilizes the Internet to conduct social activities. Although only lasted one minute, the ad was to convey the message and make compassion a number of people who see it.

Google No Objection Build "Data Center" in Indonesia

Buzz about Google Inc. plans to invest in Indonesia began to see a bright spot. Representatives from the giant search engines (search engine) is headquartered in California, United States, it was recently active in a number of ministry officials visited to confirm the seriousness of the interest to invest in Indonesia.According to Gatot S Dewa Broto, as the Head of Public Relations and Communications Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo), precisely a few days before Idul Fitri last August, two representatives of Google Inc. came to his office and met with officials echelon I.

Android application developers worried about Piracy

A survey done by Skyhook, a company engaged in technology, top75 Android developers concluded that piracy becomes the biggest concern of the developer. The survey results released Thursday(08/09/2011) showed 26 percent of developers think of piracy as aproblem that is quite disturbing.

While about 27 percent of developers regard piracy as a major problem. Furthermore, 53 percent of Google's developers considered too lax in overseeing the Android Market, Android software transaction center, so they are a problem.

From a financial standpoint, the impact of piracy is not small. A third of developers say they are losing potential income of morethan 10,000 U.S. dollars due to the circulation of illegal software.32 percent stated that piracy makes the cost of supporters swelled.While 25 percent said that the cost of servers come burdened.

"Android application live in the world like a cowboy without asheriff," said Carl Howe, Director of Research of the YankeeGroups. "With five other players who fight for market share, Googleshould not allow piracy killing the business developer," added Carl.

As is known, the market for mobile Internet-based applicationsincreases each year. In the United States, for example, every year there is the addition of 40 applications per user per year. A study of the technology company Ovum, predicts the number of applications in the download will be 18 billion, an increase of 144 percent over last year totaling approximately 7.4 billion. (

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yahoo CEO Fired

Carol Bartz as a CEO Yahoo has ended on Tuesday (6 / 9) yesterday, for he declared no longer CEO of the giant Internet company.

As quoted from Mashable, Wednesday (07/09/2011), Bartz also send an email to all Yahoo employees via the iPad, announcing that his resignation was not voluntary action, but was sacked by the head of Yahoo's directors.

News dismissal Bartz was first reported by the All Things Digital,which also reported that Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Tim Morse,referred to as the new CEO of Yahoo.

Bartz into Yahoo in January 2009, to turn things around after Yahoo rejected Microsoft's bid for the purchase of USD 44, 6 billion. Bartz worked hard since then to reinforce the position of Yahoo, including closing some business divisions such as Zimbra Yahoo, Geocities and Delicious.

Then on Tuesday night, the Yahoo officials had received an official announcement of their companies on the pullback Bartz. (

U.S. News Network Twitter Account Hijacked

Twitter account from one of the biggest news network in the United States (U.S.), NBC News, has been hijacked by a hacker groupcalled Script Kiddies.

As quoted from Neowin, Saturday (10/09/2011), a Twitter accountfrom the NBC News has been hijacked by a group of hackersScript Kiddies.

"Breaking News! Ground Zero had been attacked. Flight 5736 had crashed into the site, allegedly an act of piracy. Follow the newslater," the hacker wrote tweet via Twitter account on NBC News.

Script Kiddies group also posted two more fake tweet in Twitter account NBC News, before finally turn off the Twitter account.

After the NBC incident through another account says that theofficial Twitter account has been hacked them.

"NBC's official Twitter account has been hacked and the hackerspreading false news. We are currently working with the Twitter tosolve this problem. We apologize for this problem. We appreciateyour trust," writes the NBC News.

Surely hijack a Twitter account and spread false news about theterrorist attacks to the U.S. that will commemorate the tragedy of 9 / 11, is a heinous act, and will get the punishment severe.

How To Write Your First Google Android Application

This are a few steps how to make a simple google android application, just follow few steps below and you'll get your first google android application 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Google Operating Again in China

After the chaotic post-closing services by the Chinese government's censorship problems in 2010, Google announced that the Chinese government has renewed the Internet Content Provider (ICP) belongs to themICP alone is a license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China forsites that operate in China.

"We can confirm that the government has renewed our ICP license," explains Google in a statement on Wednesday(07/09/2011). Howeverwithout further explanation whether Google will soon be operational again in China.

Since no longer obey the will of the Chinese government on censorship, Google has lost market share in Chinalost by theservice provider of local Chinese search engineBaidu Inc.At that timeGoogle directs its users in China chose to wear a sensor-freesites in Hong Kong.

China is the world's largest internet userswith the number reaching 485 million peopleBut the ruling Communist Party known to be very closed and tightly regulate the Internet in ChinaThey have blocked YouTube sitewhich is also owned by Googleand Facebook social networking and Twitter. (