Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two Years from now, Phone Can Be Mobile Wallet

Two years from now, the phone can be used as a means of payment without using cash(digital pocket). This is thanks to features Near Field Communication (NFC) on mobile phones which allows simplification of transactions, data exchange, and connectionswith just a touch.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Next Year Apple Will Redesign All Products

A new rumors indicate Apple plans to remodel all of its product line in 2012.

Reportedly the company winds mention the apple logo will giveits customers a new design for the iMac desktop, notebookMacBook Air, iPhone and iPad.

As reported by Neowin, Friday (04/11/2011), the report showsthe first indication that the product will get the 'treatment' is anachievement iPad tablet sales surpassed sales of other products.

The report also claimed that Apple had contacted themanufacturer supplies the iPad to develop modules and flat panelLED bar-coded for two prototypes iPad J1 and J2.

While it is possible the latest version of the iMac and the iPhonewill not be circulated in the market before mid-2012.

Whether the iPad will have a higher screen resolution with a quad core processor? Or could it be the MacBook Air is thinner and lighter? Of course, without detailed instructions we still have towait for the next news. (

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Again-Hacker Attack Japanese Parliament

Again, the Japanese parliament gets cyber attacks. Apparently the origin of this attack is an email server that is connected with China and has been attacked several MPs computer.Japanese government spokesman said there was a dangerous email that spreads on computers in the upper chamber of parliament of Japan."The upper house has confirmed seven suspicious e-mail similar to the email sent to the lower house," said Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Isao Saito as reported in Yahoo News, Thursday (03/11/2011).A report last week saying that the computers in the basement had been attacked by a virus that takes passwords and other information in it.Saito said the email server on the upper floor has not succumbed to the virus attacks and they have tightened security on the equipment used lawmakers there.A local media also reported on the computer last month the politicians and the lower house has been contaminated by the virus "Trojan" which makes a Chinese server can retrieve passwords and other information.
Still not clear who was behind the attack. The report adds that there is a possibility that China server is controlled from a third country.Japan also has been investigating a series of new attacks on computer systems in defense contractor Mitsubishi Heavy, which reportedly can lead to theft of information on military aircraft and nuclear power plants.Japan Local media said that computer hackers have also been targeted in several Japanese overseas diplomatic missions.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Experience the Android via Television

You must still remember the Apple TV. This is a gadget that invites users to enjoy services from Apple, especially video and music to be enjoyed by television. To be able to connect to Apple servers, network connection is required. The dimensions of the device that doubles as a CPU or a receiver is only a handful of hand. But unfortunately not powerfull as iPhone Apple TV, iPad, or iPod, even though is a breakthrough that offered late Steve Jobs.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Google+ slowly overtaken Facebook

Google seems not afraid to create a social networking community that continues to develop slowly but surely can surpass its biggest rival Facebook as.

As the Internet giant, it seems Google will continue to develop its services and enhance the growth of Google as a very interesting social networking, and can compete with the biggest rival Facebook. Similarly, as quoted by Japan Today, Saturday (22/10/2011).

Thursday, October 20, 2011

RIM Announces the BlackBerry 9380 and 9790 with OS 7

Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry line-up brings back that adopt the latest OS 7. Two of the BlackBerry series is, 9380 and 9790.

But there was something different from these two series other than the BlackBerry line,since RIM announced the BlackBerry 9380 and 9780 without specifically announcing that carried the last handset.

Launched by GSM Arena, Thursday (20/10/2011), of the information circulating, the BlackBerry 9380 user interface will not be much different with Strorm, with a 3.2-inchscreen.

While the Blackberry 9790 on will have a 2.44 inch, with an additional 480 x 360 resolutionscreen and full QWERTY keypad.

Both of these phones will be running the latest BlackBerry OS 7. No further information onprices would be offered by RIM about the newest products.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Officially Released

Google and Samsung will finally announce their latest mobile phone in Hong Kong on Wednesday.
The event was previously scheduled for last week, but was postponed to honor the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, who died earlier this month. Similarly, as reported by the Telegraph, Wednesday (19/10/2011). 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BlackBerry Server chronological Collapse in 4 Continents

 A number of BlackBerry users in some countries suddenly can not access a number of services on the device. This problem itself stems from the collapse of multiple data centers and servers are owned by Research in Motion (RIM).

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Server Crash, Million BlackBerry Users Impaired

Millions of users of BlackBerry services in Europe to crash on Monday, after RIM's servers are experiencing crashes orinterference.

As a result of excellent service interruption BB servers such as email, instant messaging and browsing can not be used.According to RIM's statement, this disorder occurs in the Slough data center that handles Blackberry service across Europe, MiddleEast and Africa.

"Our technical team is working to return services to normaloperations as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers and we will continue to provide updates as new information," said RIM's statement, as reported bythe BBC, Tuesday (11/10/2011) .

However, this disorder itself is not experienced corporate users.For many corporate customers who say they do not experienceservice interruption, this indicates system Blackberry BISconsumers who had adverse, rather than BES.

"Blackberry running two infrastructures," said Simon Butler, aMicrosoft Exchange consultant at Sembee.

"My understanding is that only the BIS service that has beenimpaired. Although not ruled BIS will experience the same thing,"he said. (

Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs Leave Apple and Died at The Same Day

Who would have thought Steve Jobs, the key figure in the world of gadgets and Apple founder died Wednesday. Apparently Wednesday is a day along with his resignation as CEO of Apple. 

This Why BlackBerry Messenger adopted to Android

A post pictures circulating on the internet shows, seems to Research In Motion (RIM) seriously to throw an exclusive instant messaging services on the BlackBerry to the Android. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Chrome Start Threaten IE & Firefox

Competition will be more strict with the browser Google Chromewhich shows significant growth. According to data reported by StatCounter, Google Chrome is currently threatening the position ofMozilla Firefox.

Indonesian Mozilla mascot dressed in Batik

Kumi, Indonesia mascot Mozilla community, do not want to be left to join the National Day celebration this year Batik. Exactly on October 2, 2011, Kumi will perform with his new clothes specially patterned batik. Kumi batik shirt comes with a dominance of blue color and silhouette logo of Mozilla Firefox.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

BlackBerry Games, Caro makes Addicted

After months of July, RIM released the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) SDK (Software Development Kit), applications that make use of this fuel began to appear in the App World. No exception to games that use fuel.

One is quite interesting and quite exciting to be played is Caro. Application of this game was made by Louis Tang, Vietnamese software developer. Caro has just released on August 22, 2011 and then but its users to this day is 250 thousand more.

Anonymous Start to Attack Financial Institutions

Anonymous groups are not only directing his attack to the world of the Internet, now they have started to lead to financial institutions that have strong security.

Anonymous Analytics, an extension of the group Anonymous, which was formed to attack the corporate and financial institutions around the world. Similarly, as quoted by ZDNet, Saturday (01/10/2011).

"The mission of Analytics Anonymous is for companies to attack the corrupt and fraudulent practices in a large scale," wrote the Anonymous on the official website.

Anonymous party also stated that the analysts, accountants, statisticians, computer experts and lawyers in their organization will investigate in advance of a target company prior to the attack.

The first target Anonymous Analytics is a firm listed in Hong Kong stock exchange, which is now in the investigation of Hong Kong.

Earlier on September 17 last, the hacker group Anonymous invite their followers on Twitter to be a stimulant hijack the world economic centers. The movement known as the 'occupy Wall Street'. (

Saturday, October 1, 2011

After Release Firefox 7, Mozilla Firefox Already Prepare 8

Not long after launching Firefox 7, Mozilla Firefox browser was already set up 8 in beta format.

As quoted from Softpedia, Friday (09/30/2011), Mozilla Firefox 8.0has now been moved into beta stage. Mozilla is also hoping thatthe final version of Firefox 8 can be available within the next few weeks.

Pocket Camera is as thin as a Business Card

Certainly not really as thin as a business card. But, the latestpocket cameras that Sony introduced the thinnest Indonesia could be said today. Sony Cyber​​-shot TX55 has a thickness of only 1.23cm.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Skype Expands Its use in the Android

Skype is now adding its expansion into Android. Now the application that serves to make voice calls and video is already compatible with over dozens of new smartphones and tablets that use the Android operating system.The new version of the Skype application, namely version 2.5, now adds support for 14 new phones, like the Bionic Droid, 2x Optimus, Nexus, Droid X, and Atrix 4G. 

Tablet Amazon 'Kindle Fire' for sale 199 U.S. Dollars

As previously rumored, were really Amazon finally released its first tablet device called Kindle Fire. Tablet with a 7-inch screen will be priced at 199 U.S. dollars only.Kindle Fire using the latest version of the Android operating system that has been modified and equipped with dual core processors. In addition to standard applications are supported through the Android Market, Amazon uses the tablet to display its flagship services. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a video about iPhone 5 that make curious

Gadget lovers do seem impatient with the latest release of the iPhone is touted as the iPhone 5. These products continue to be discussed and awaited, though still a rumor. Even when there are users who download YouTube videos about fictional prototype of the iPhone 5, millions of people see it immediately.

Friday, September 23, 2011

OnLive cloud gaming launches in UK

Gamers will gain access to nearly 150 top-tier titles on Thursday asOnLive, the on-demand cloud gaming service, launches in the UK.
Consumers can sign up for free at and stream triple-A games via almost any broadband Internet connection to their HDTV, PC or Mac. OnLive says the service will soon extend to iPad and Android tablets.
OnLive founder and CEO Steve Perlman says the cloud-gaming service can offer game experiences on virtually any connected device.

7 Things the iPhone 5 Really Should Have

With the long-awaited iPhone 5 release reportedly semi-imminent (Al Gore, and AllThingsDigital, both say so!), it's time to take stock of where smart phone technology has arrived--and where we hope it's headed. Here are a handful of features that we've got our fingers crossed about, and hope to see in the next model of Uncle Steve's wonderphone.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Online Game Solve the Puzzle of AIDS

Thousands of game players solve puzzles related to AIDS treatment instructions. It only took ten days for them to answer the riddle surrounding the enzyme that has been occupied for years by scientists.Computer games can be played online which is named Foldit.Collaborative game is combined with Tetris and encourage his players to double the amount of protein to achieve complex shapes. The players can use various tools to twist, shake and interactively change the shape of the protein.

Manufacturer Playbook layoff 1000 employees

Taiwanese companies, Quanta Computer, one of the world's largest computer manufacturer, announced plans to cut 1,000 jobsfrom a plant in Linkou, northern part of the island nation. The plant recently opened again a few months ago to meet the rising demand for hardware vendors, especially tablets.

"They offered a great compensation package if you want to retire early voluntarily," said company spokeswoman on Wednesday(09/21/2011). Factories in Taiwan is only a small facility that dimilikQuanta. All the previous factory in China with total employees65,000 people.

Factories in Taiwan was closed several years due to cost of laboris much cheaper in China. However, the plant was reactivated in early 2011 in anticipation of market demand. One of them, demand the production of consumer tablet Playbook magnitude Research InMotion (RIM).

Taiwan local media on Wednesday, calling that a reduction by halfof employees in Taiwan are due to sluggish sales of tablet PlayBook. RIM sold only 200,000 units in the second quarter of 2011 is much smaller than estimates by analysts to reach 700,000 units.

iPhone 5 Launched on October 4th?

Instead of October 5 or October 21 as rumored over the years, butApple's latest smartphone is tentatively called the iPhone 5 will belaunched on October 4, 2011. Similarly, a recent report quoted by leading technology blog AllThingsD.

According to credible sources, a blog affiliated with Dow Jones'sclaim that the iPhone 5 will be sold in a few weeks later. Applecould have changed the schedule at any time, but for the Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to appear in public on that date.

This launch will be the first debut Cook (50) on the stage as Apple CEO Steve Jobs that replaces resigned on 24 August. During this new product launch Apple's Steve Jobs has always done so it becomes a powerful icon for Apple. Jobs is known as the brains behind Apple's innovative products from Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Until now as ever before, Apple closed the meeting as to what form the smartphone to be launched. However, rumors, Apple toutedprepared two versions of the iPhone at once. Each new version with a wider screen and better camera, called the iPhone 5 and economical version of the so-called iPhone 4S.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

History Behind the Angry Birds

Anyone today who do not know the game Angry Birds? Almost all smartphones and tablet users never played a game that is light but make opium. Angry Birds According to data already downloaded as much as 250 million times, this does not include knick-knacks are sold.Just like any other game developer, creating Angry Birds Rovio Mobile is full of struggle to achieve success as it is now. Not many people know that the Angry Birds are not the first commercial game studio created the game.Here's the history and the Angry Birds Rovio, the Legal summarized from various sources, on Tuesday (09/13/2011).

Apple Approach Google For Most Valuable Brands

Apple is getting closer to Google's position as the most valuable trademark in the world, so says a new study.

Apple's brand is now worth at $ 39, 3 billion or over 33 percent oftheir value in early 2011, according to a study conducted by consulting firm Brand Finance.

Firm Brand Finance based in London stated the results of his research after examining cash flow and financial metrics Apple andother companies. In the top list of most valuable trademark in the world, occupied by Google, which is worth $ 48, 3 billion.

The value of Google's trademark according to Brand Finance is expected to continue to increase, as the giant Internet company recently bought thousands of patents from IBM. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Friday (16/09/2011).

For Microsoft was ranked third, just a little different with a valuebelow Apple's $ 39 billion. The launch of Windows 8 will by analysts predicted might be able to overtake Apple's achievement. Apple logo then the company should be extra careful.

The most interesting of the results of this study is, four of the mostvaluable brand in the world held by technology companies, ieGoogle, Apple, Microsoft and Big Blue. Below the top four followedby companies such as WalMart, GE, AT & T and Coca Cola.

Earlier this year Apple has also occupied the second position to the category as the most valuable companies in the world. (