Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Generation Technopreneurship In the Information Age

Economic globalization and the information age to encourage industries to use human resources college graduates who are competent and have the entrepreneurial spirit. But not every college graduate has the entrepreneurial spirit as desired by such employment. The fact shows that only a small percentage of university graduates who have entrepreneurial spirit. 
On the other hand, the economic crisis caused the number of jobs is not growing, and even less because bancrupty. In these conditions, then the college graduates are required to not only capable of acting as job seekers but also must be able to act as a creator of employment. Both require a spirit of entrepreneurship. Therefore, in order that universities can meet these demands, various innovations needed include learning innovation in building Technopreneurship generation in the information age today. There is an opinion that, at present most of the graduates of universities in Indonesia are still weak soul of entrepreneurship.While a small part that has the entrepreneurial spirit, mostly because it comes from a family business or trade. In fact indicates that entrepreneurship is a soul that can be learned and taught. Someone who has the entrepreneurial spirit generally has the potential to be an entrepreneur but not guaranteed to be an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurs generally have the entrepreneurial spirit. The learning process which is a technology based business incubator is designed as an attempt to synergize theory (20%) and Practice (80%) of the various fields of competence gained in the field of science & technology industry. Business incubator is to serve as a center of learning with a conducive business atmosphere supported by laboratory facilities which memadai.Tujuan implementation of innovation of technology-based business incubator activities is to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit to students as learners. While the benefits for the institution is to achieve the mission of the institution in building Technopreneurship generation and increasing the relevance of education by the industrial world. While the benefits for partners is the establishment of business cooperation and education. This partnership was developed in the form of real business of similar products that have considerable economic potential tinggi.Proses market globalization is happening today, demanding changes in the Indonesian economy from resourced based to knowledge based.Resource based, relying on the richness and diversity of natural resources generally produce basic commodities with little added value. One key to the creation of knowledge-based economy is the existence of technology entrepreneurs "or simply" techno-preneur who pioneered a new business by relying on innovation. Hightech business is a classic example of a business that was pioneered by technopreneurs.Bisnis technology world today is dominated by the sectors of information technology, biotechnology and new materials as well as various business development based on technological innovation. Business technology developed by the synergy between teknopreneur as pengagas business, universities and research institutions as centers of innovation of new technologies, and venture capital company which has competence in pendanaan.Jumlah technology-based small and medium business (UKMT) in Indonesia is growing rapidly. The trend increase is more driven by the limited job opportunities in major industries because of the influence of the economic crisis and begin to rise Technopreneurship among higher education graduates teknik.In the era of globalization, competition will be very strict, so it is necessary policies and activities are that can directly improve the competitiveness of UKMT in the future. Difficulties and obstacles in UKMT in Indonesia in developing its business is weak marketing channels, technology support and limited capital. Moreover, for entrepreneurs, this issue will appear larger and be large enough obstacles in developing usahanya.Sampai currently not many government and private institutions that can provide direct support for the development UKMT especially for novice entrepreneurs. So desperately needed a container that can provide direct support in the form of facilities that can assist entrepreneurs UKMT particularly helpful in implementing and developing the framework usahanya.In participate directly assist and support the activities of entrepreneurs UKMT particular activity, it is deemed highly necessary to be able to build a vessel that has facilities that can directly support operational activities, promotion, marketing, production technology consultancy, investment and capital. With the existence of these facilities, is expected UKMT especially start-up entrepreneurs in Indonesia to develop its business more quickly and terarah.Menatap future means preparing a young generation who have a love of learning and a mental health therapy for children of the nation, hopefully emergence Technopreneurship generation can provide solutions for problems of unemployment existing intellectual. It also can become an arena to improve the quality of human resources in science and technology mastery, so that we can prepare a powerful force amid global competition. start from ourselves to do something about education we can create better and quality, as this concerns the future of our children and also the Indonesian nation.
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