Thursday, November 3, 2011

Again-Hacker Attack Japanese Parliament

Again, the Japanese parliament gets cyber attacks. Apparently the origin of this attack is an email server that is connected with China and has been attacked several MPs computer.Japanese government spokesman said there was a dangerous email that spreads on computers in the upper chamber of parliament of Japan."The upper house has confirmed seven suspicious e-mail similar to the email sent to the lower house," said Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Isao Saito as reported in Yahoo News, Thursday (03/11/2011).A report last week saying that the computers in the basement had been attacked by a virus that takes passwords and other information in it.Saito said the email server on the upper floor has not succumbed to the virus attacks and they have tightened security on the equipment used lawmakers there.A local media also reported on the computer last month the politicians and the lower house has been contaminated by the virus "Trojan" which makes a Chinese server can retrieve passwords and other information.
Still not clear who was behind the attack. The report adds that there is a possibility that China server is controlled from a third country.Japan also has been investigating a series of new attacks on computer systems in defense contractor Mitsubishi Heavy, which reportedly can lead to theft of information on military aircraft and nuclear power plants.Japan Local media said that computer hackers have also been targeted in several Japanese overseas diplomatic missions.

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