Saturday, November 5, 2011

Next Year Apple Will Redesign All Products

A new rumors indicate Apple plans to remodel all of its product line in 2012.

Reportedly the company winds mention the apple logo will giveits customers a new design for the iMac desktop, notebookMacBook Air, iPhone and iPad.

As reported by Neowin, Friday (04/11/2011), the report showsthe first indication that the product will get the 'treatment' is anachievement iPad tablet sales surpassed sales of other products.

The report also claimed that Apple had contacted themanufacturer supplies the iPad to develop modules and flat panelLED bar-coded for two prototypes iPad J1 and J2.

While it is possible the latest version of the iMac and the iPhonewill not be circulated in the market before mid-2012.

Whether the iPad will have a higher screen resolution with a quad core processor? Or could it be the MacBook Air is thinner and lighter? Of course, without detailed instructions we still have towait for the next news. (

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