Monday, October 3, 2011

Chrome Start Threaten IE & Firefox

Competition will be more strict with the browser Google Chromewhich shows significant growth. According to data reported by StatCounter, Google Chrome is currently threatening the position ofMozilla Firefox.

It is now Chrome is still the number two browser in the world, but Google continues to move aggressively in advertising browsers that increase their market share significantly. Starting a market share of 15 percent in January 2011, currently marketnya rose to 23.6 percent per September 2011 yesterday.

Chrome is very quick advantage of this, not apart from the decline in market share of Internet Explorer and Firefox. Microsoft'sbrowser has declined from approximately 46 percent at the beginning of the year fell to 42 percent. While Firefox has decreased five percent.

Meanwhile, as reported by AFP on Sunday (10/02/2011), other browsers such as Apple, Safari and Opera AOS has experiencedvery little growth over the last year.

While StatCounter predict a more rapid adoption of GoogleChrome, another institution NetApplication showed a wider gapbetween the various browsers and predicting that Chrome will beatFirefox next year.

They also predict that Internet Explorer, would drop below 50 percent of all users.

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