Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs Leave Apple and Died at The Same Day

Who would have thought Steve Jobs, the key figure in the world of gadgets and Apple founder died Wednesday. Apparently Wednesday is a day along with his resignation as CEO of Apple. 

Steve Jobs the man regarded as a 'fanboy' and has a charismatic high-technology world have to leave for good because pancreatic cancer he suffered for a long time.
Pancreatic cancer that eats away at the health Jobs suspected as the cause of his decision to resign from the bench Apple's CEO. At that Jobs wrote a letter which contains:
"I always said if ever there comes a day when I could no longer meet the obligations and expectations as CEO of Apple, I'll be the first to tell you. Unfortunately, that day has come," Jobs wrote in a letter, written on Wednesday night (24/08/2011).
Coinciding with the same day ie Wednesday, October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs has really left the Apple and the technology world for ever with close to 56 years of age.
It was very surprising, khususya for Apple in the middle when they feel happy news after the latest product launches of the iPhone on Wednesday morning, but that night they had heard the sad news from the founders themselves.
Public might still remember the expression of thanks to Apple's Jobs posted for the last time when he left Apple CEO position.
"I've made some best friends in my life at Apple, and thank you all for many years to working with you," he wrote in the letter.
The expression of thanks from Steve Jobs also appears to be a very touching, because it is the last words of Jobs to Apple, a company that has grown up with his friend Steve Wozniak.

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So true and if he did live a little longer, he would have created another product that would amaze the world again. Need to know about depuy lawsuit?

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