Saturday, August 6, 2011

Android beat the IOS in the U.S.

Android operating system became the most widely used smartphone users United States.
Google's operating system accounts for 39 percent share of the OS in the land of Uncle Sam, ahead of Apple's IOS which recorded 28 percent. Similarly, Nielsen's analysis of the 20 thousand post-paid users are reported by Engadget on Friday(29/07/2011).
However, Nielsen nonetheless pointed to Apple as amanufacturer of smartphone sales ever in the U.S..
Achievement of Android is not separated from the fact that the OS is adopted by major vendors such as HTC, Motorola and Samsung. Meanwhile, Apple is the only vendor that uses the IOS.
Meanwhile, the BlackBerry platform from Research In MotionApple trailed in third with 20 percent market share.
Completing the list is Windows Phone and Windows Mobile fromMicrosoft (9 percent) and webOS and Symbian each recorded 2 percent. (

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