Saturday, August 6, 2011

iPhone and Windows Phone colonized in the Country Self

Sometimes technology is not friendly with his own house.Evidence of research from Nielsen's research institute, in Juneabout the mobile phone operating system in America, suggests that Apple actually evicted. This brand is like a brand of the nation's land. Once the case with Windows (see Microsoft'sWindows Phone, RED) is like a product originally from USA,was stunned by the aggressiveness of Android.

The institution said Android has become the "king" in this country. Android has surpassed the number of Apple-madephone that just sits in second place until the middle of this year.Total Android phones held by the American people as much as39 percent. While grappling iPhone only 28 percent. Beneath it,a product that debuted the neighboring countries, the BlackBerrywith the percentage of market share by 20 percent.

The remaining 13 percent divided to Windows mobile phone by 9 percent. And that 4 percent - it is funny-distributed to cell phones or Palm OS sorts WebOS and Nokia.

The only American brand that plays in the vehicle Android,Motorola, also made ​​the situation "hard to breathe in their own country" increasingly felt. Manufacturing is a global lost by HTCof Taiwan. Motorola just 11 percent and flanked by the otherAsian players, Samsung is sitting at number three Android phones. If you have this, android is actually attacked America.Android firmly united. (

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