Saturday, August 6, 2011

Survey: Members of Google+ Able to beat Facebook

Google+ had just noted the acquisition of 25 million membersthis weekend. Some developers believe the social networkingsite owned by Google is able to pursue a number of members of Facebook in the future.
Based on the survey conducted by research firm IDC,approximately two-thirds of 1621 respondents believed that Google+ is able to beat Facebook in the future. The reason? More than 68 percent of respondents believe that assets such as Google's other search engines, YouTube, or Google Maps, able to defeat the achievement of Facebook.
Of course, if you look at the total member-owned Google+, 25 million, is still have a long distance to compare it to Facebook, which has reached more than 700 million members. Moreover,according to Experian Hitwise analysis recently, Google+ traffic began to decline compared to the initial launch.
But the developers believe that prediction will be proven. The reason, Google + is considered as a new platform that is able tobecome a new star cyberspace after Facebook did, 2004.
"Developers continue to pay attention to current market needsand the future. Google + is an opportunity to attract their attention," explains Scott Schwarzoff as Vice President of Marketing of Appcelerator as quoted by Cnet on Thursday (04/08/2011).
Although Google+ has not given set of APIs (application programming interface) to developers, approximately 72 percent of developers who follow a survey from IDC is planning to write tothe API of Google in the next 12 to 18 months ahead. That means only about 1 percent of the API's Twitter and 11 percent under Facebook's API. (

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