Saturday, August 27, 2011

Steve Jobs Resign from CEO at APPLE

After several rumored to be resigningthe official Steve Jobsfinally officially announced his resignation from Apple.

As quoted from the Wall Street Journal on Thursday(08/25/2011), Steve Jobs said that he was no longer able tocontinue his duties as CEO at Appleand pointed to Tim Cook,Chief Operating Officer (COO) Apple as a replacement.

"I always say that that would come a day when I will no longer beable to perform duties as CEO of AppleUnfortunatelythat dayhas arrived," wrote Jobs in keterengan official.

The Apple says that he wrote his resignation letter on Wednesday and suggested that Tim Cook was appointed as his successorCook also stated by Apple will soon fill the vacant positions.

"Apple's Board of Directors has agreed that Cook is the right person to be CEO of Apple's latest," said Art Levinson,Genentech chairman and member of Apple.

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