Friday, September 9, 2011

Google Operating Again in China

After the chaotic post-closing services by the Chinese government's censorship problems in 2010, Google announced that the Chinese government has renewed the Internet Content Provider (ICP) belongs to themICP alone is a license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China forsites that operate in China.

"We can confirm that the government has renewed our ICP license," explains Google in a statement on Wednesday(07/09/2011). Howeverwithout further explanation whether Google will soon be operational again in China.

Since no longer obey the will of the Chinese government on censorship, Google has lost market share in Chinalost by theservice provider of local Chinese search engineBaidu Inc.At that timeGoogle directs its users in China chose to wear a sensor-freesites in Hong Kong.

China is the world's largest internet userswith the number reaching 485 million peopleBut the ruling Communist Party known to be very closed and tightly regulate the Internet in ChinaThey have blocked YouTube sitewhich is also owned by Googleand Facebook social networking and Twitter. (

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