Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a video about iPhone 5 that make curious

Gadget lovers do seem impatient with the latest release of the iPhone is touted as the iPhone 5. These products continue to be discussed and awaited, though still a rumor. Even when there are users who download YouTube videos about fictional prototype of the iPhone 5, millions of people see it immediately.

Recorded since the video was uploaded on August 23, 2011 lalau been seen by more than 23 million times until Monday (09/26/2011) this. In a duration of one minute video explains that the iPhone 5 has three main advantages, namely: having a very thin design, has a laser keyboard, and has a holographic display.Although the video is visually preferable, but the story content, this video gets a lot of protest from YouTube users. Some of them considered the prototype shown in the video far-fetched.The total number of videos uploaded by the channel Studio Aatma on iPhone 5 there are four videos, but three of whom are single videos to explain the first video. The number of people who saw the second video and so on were not as many as the number of views at the first video.Aatma Studio itself is a digital studio and three-dimensional animation. This studio producing interactive media, television programs, commercials, and movies. Aatma Studio write the description below the video that the video was expected to be enjoyed while waiting for the official release from Apple.Prior to this outstanding video Aatma Studio, there have been other rumors circulating. There's even someone who makes a special web site on the iPhone prototype leak 5. Videos on iPhone 5 had been widely circulated on YouTube, but the new video belong to Studio Aatma is seen most in the world.From the website, Apple is expected to issue a statement that more than one model of iPhone will release in October. Release was originally scheduled for October 4 to October 14 retreat. However, so far Apple let rumors that are circulating in the world and said it would continue to maintain the confidentiality of their flagship feature until the release time comes. (

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