Saturday, June 18, 2011

Opportunities in Digital Industry

Birth of the many opportunities in the digital world is related to the growth of Internet users are so very fast. As more people use the internet, the more things can be produced and used. People from far away places connected for business and work together. When people start doing the transaction online, many opportunities to appear. During development, growing online shopping sites and online payment system more simple.

If you've never heard of Koprol, Indonesia's natural social network acquired by Yahoo!, then you would know that there are many more success stories like that have and will emerge. Did they succeed because it can capitalize on the right?
How often have we heard about digital technology to facilitate life?How often do we hear success stories from those who are struggling in the digital world? So what can we do to support and join in all this?
The answer is a mindset or paradigm. Measures to achieve the desired goal should be carried out with the mindset that a good time.
One paradigm that can be applied is the digital position as an industry. No different from other industries that have been born much earlier, the digital industry promises great opportunities. But this opportunity will not bear any if there is no real action from the perpetrator.
Digital will never become an industry for people who only act as consumers. To take part in the digital industry is, let's take steps to become producers. Create the local paper and it will be the pride of this nation to penetrate the international community.
As part of our commitment to follow the development of digital industries in the homeland, IDBYTE help bridge those who want to get involved in a target of opportunity in the digital world. IDBYTE will bring together speakers from world-class digital companies like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn in the Conference sessions will be held on 14 July 2011 at the Ritz-Carlton Ballroom, Pacific Place, Jakarta. An occasion to take this opportunity to gain experience and learn about how to develop the digital industry in Indonesia in the global enterprise.
Search experience and made footing to achieve greater results.Right now, change your mindset and be a part of the big names in the digital industry. (

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