Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kaspersky Present Three Trends Information Technology Security

Kaspersky Lab experts identified a number of important trends after analyzing a number of threat information technology (IT) in the first quarter of 2011. The trend among malware began to attack mobile phones, the increasing attacks on the organization (company, corporation), and the outbreak of attack data through social media. The increasing attacks on the enterprise server is a trend that's hot. In addition to conventional DDoS attacks that block access to corporate servers for a indefinite period of time, many other attacks that focus mendaptakan unauthorized access to the server in order to steal information. These signs indicate that some of the professional cyber criminals have moved away from mass attacks from home computers to large corporate piracy. This practice would involve a greater risk to the attacker, but the stakes and the rewards will be obtained related to the attacks that are targeted at large companies especially are still competitors in the market, it is tempting. In the first quarter has also seen a wave of protests carried out by cyber criminals with more purpose to damage the reputation of the company rather than a profit. One example is the famous incidents of attacks targeting piracy HBGary, IT security firm based in the United States. After successfully accessing confidential proprietary information, the hackers then publish to the public. This practice is quite remarkable by Kaspersky Lab experts. Because the information stolen is also usually sold to another party or used to blackmail the party was attacked in order not to be published. 

At the end of the first quarter of 2011, a new variant of the GpCode ransomware appears dangerous. This Trojan will encrypt data on infected computers and then demanding ransom from the owners.Unlike earlier variants that delete an encrypted file, the new version of this GpCode overwrite files with data encryption, making it unable to be recovered. Interestingly, cybercriminals are attacking only the users in Europe and the former Soviet Republics, and the attack only lasted a few hours. Prudence shown by the makers of Trojan indicates that its purpose is not to cause a massive infection that will surely attract the attention of law enforcement agencies. It is likely that the attack Trojan that encrypts it will continue to be careful in choosing the target in the future. In Indonesia, the attacks are still difficult to detect because the hackers do not publish the results of their attacks. "Overseas we know Sony and Sega were hacked because the hacker his published attacks on the blog. In Indonesia, when banks are offline or down a few days, there is the possibility of being attacked.However, it is not published under attack viruses because hackers do not recognize his own and did not publish it anywhere, "said Erwin Yovitanto, Business Manager Astrindo Starvision, Kaspersky partner in a media briefing in FPood FX Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (06/21/2011). Erwin also stated that the hackers who attacked the official websites of government in Indonesia is also still in the testing phase system damage, not to resell the data as happens in other countries. Other trends that directly impact the IT security is the growing popularity of social networking (facebook and twitter), blog, torrent and youtube ever changing digital landscape. This service facilitates the exchange of data quickly and simply between the users in every corner of the world. Popularity of these sources has attracted the attention of criminals in cyberspace. Rampant shorten links (links that can not be shortened to make the user distinguish between a genuine link with the link hoaxes) are also higher.However, this hoax link can be anticipated by a quality antivirus if users continue to update. Then, computer users should not be lost by hackers and viruses.You can protect your computer by periodically update. "Why do people in Europe most often attacked by Hackers? Due diligent, industrious people. They are diligent in updating Operation System, the latest application updates, and antivirus updates. Three things are important to protect your computer and deter attacks," added Erwin. (

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