Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Solution to Protect Data Storage

One of the main concerns is the security in data storage. It is also of concern to Imation Corporation on Wednesday (08/06/2011) launched Defender Collection, the ranks of digital data storage device that can answer these security problems.
There are 7 products Defender Collection, which was launched at Pisa Cafe, Menteng, Jakarta today, includes 4 flash drive, 2 external memory, and 1 CD. Other products usually, data storage products designed for Defender Collection has a password protection system and other hardware which will vary according to product type.
Defender F200 Biometric Flashdrive one of them, have a biometric identification system at the same time passwords. Users can set strong passwords with a fingerprint supported giving extra protection, for example, must open the 2 keys to access the data.

For flash, there is also a Defender F50 Pivot Flash Drive, Defennder 100 Flash Drive and Flash Drive F150 Defender. All the anti-water, offering a strong password authentication, but has not completed fingerprint. However, all flash drives, including the Defender F 200 Biometric Flash Drive, 5-year warranty.
Meanwhile, external hard drive products include Defender Defender H100 and H200 External HDD External HDD Biometric.Both 5-year warranty, but only Defender H200 Biometric External HDD equipped with a fingerprint. Printable CD Product is Optical Media Defender is available in CD-R, DVD-R and BD-R.

Hidalgo P Budiputra, Corporate Account Manager Imation Indonesia, Hidalgo P Budiputra said, the main products that are geared to corporate, but not close the possibility of consumers to wear them. For corporate, management and use of this device can be set with software that can be purchased separately.
"There's software is called Defender Collection Control Software to manage. Its consumer will be set by the administrator in the corporate," explained Hidalgo. He added that the administrator can also specify a password expiration time. "Suppose we could give access for 2 days. We set the password expiration. After 2 days, the devices can be accessed baseball again," said Hidalgo.
Hidalgo said the data storage device can be used on all PCs with any operating system. According to him, many companies in Indonesia who are interested in this device, there's even using it.For Defender F200 Biometric Flash Drive, prices range from 25-150 U.S. dollars according to capacity. Meanwhile, for an external hard drive Biometric H200 External HDD, it costs about 330 U.S. dollars. (

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