Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to Success in Business Using Twitter

Forty-six percent of Twitter users college graduates and aged between 18 and 34 years. If you try to achieve these Twitter users for your business, then you must understand the market in Twitter.
Let us discuss about Twitter users. According to Nicola Ziady who pursue interactive marketing, 40 percent of people who make the user's Twitter account is active, while 46 percent of Twitter users are college graduates. Then 92.4 percent of Twitter users have a follower (follower) of less than 100 people, while 0.94 percent of Twitter users has more than 1,000 followers. Other data said, 76 percent of Twitter users use the internet wifi network.
Well, what time is a busy man using twitter? In America, people busy using twitter at 20.00 with 1.4 million people who post on twitter, while Wednesday and Thursday of the busiest days for Americans using twitter every week. And the age of Twitter users in the United States, more than 50 percent aged 18 years and 34 years.
(1) ShareSharing (sharing) is a good approach to ensure the flow retweet and interactive messages from your company. Strategy that extends the amount of content and conversation, makes your brand more reliable. Have some staff to ensure the flow of messages on Twitter still flowing is also important.

(2) Using Twitter at the Right TimeMake a research to understand the best time jamming twit your business to be read and shared. You must use your analysis to identify trends in your community. Analyze the last 199 tweets and find the best time to post it. All you need is to get into Twitter username and you will get a report of four best times.
(3) For Valuable InformationOne of the best attributes of Twitter is its ability to spread your message to the number of people in a short time. Within seconds, your brand message can be divided into large groups. Content more valuable, a lot of in-retweet.

(4) Encourage Your EmployeesYour employees are your brand ambassadors. They are your marketing tools are free for your business. Encourage them to participate dealam your social efforts and spread the news about your business and culture. This is a good idea to roll out social media training to your staff so that they act and react upon the proper etiquette on the external business connections. All the marketing in the world can not compete with the relationship based on trust! So, let's take advantage of all resources and keep your employees at the same time.
(5) Take advantage of hashtagTo improve the ability to search your messages in cyberspace, hashtag is the most powerful way to send content to your brand specific and broad audience, beyond your followers. Thorough final hastag hastag or create your own to introduce your update.Hashtag specific about such healthcare include hcmkg # # # hcsm socialhc # Webmarketing.
Twitter Tip: When your staff are in an industry event, encourage them to participate in hashtag stream. They can ngetwit about their experiences at the event, to retweet the experience of others in the event, and at the right time, tweet was the link-blog link your company, update your research and trends show.
(6) Make a Short URLThe maximum amount a Twitter message is 140 characters. It's certainly not a large room. To achieve the optimum sharing of messages with Twitter, try using a short URL such as With the shortened URL, not only do we get more space, but also can utilize the built-in analysis such as click rate, date, time, and demographics. (

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