Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Malware Attack into the Android increase up to 400 percent

Malicious programs attack aka malicious software or malware into the Android operating system continues to increasePlatform made ​​by Google that is now used increasingly popular in smartphones and tablets that have now become a new target forthe spreaders of evilEset launch digital security company, malware attacks to date to the Android platform increased by 400 percent since the period of September 2010. Also reported that the method for distributing malware on mobile devices is through the activity of the highestdownload applications, and the majority of smartphone users do not equip the devices with antivirus protection.

"In terms of security, mobile communication devices is still relatively old-fashioned, tend to be primitive and policies arecontrolled by the vendor, it just added to profitable opportunities for the perpetrators of cyber crimes. Therefore, it is advisable forusers to exercise caution when using mobile communicationsdevices, "said Randy Abrams, Director of Technical Education at ESET North America, in a statement received, Tuesday (06/21/2011).

The security situation is a mobile communications device is currently still open, without adequate safety systems. This should be wary given the current perpetrators of cybercrime are developing a device to carry out attacks against these devices. If the perpetrators have begun focusing on mobile devices with an OS that had been attacked, such as the Windows platform, then that mobile malware and phishing will reach epidemic levels.

"The mobile communications today has become like a desktop in the form of a small, but unfortunately the security device in the form of antivirus software has not been widely accepted by smartphone users as crucial as the completeness of the desktops andlaptops," said Yudhi Strong, Technical Consultant PT Prosperita-ESET Indonesia. (

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