Saturday, June 18, 2011

Angry Birds Downloaded 1 Million Times Per Day

Software companies from Finland, Rovio, which is a gamedeveloper Angry Birds are now on the rise, the successful course.Game is known as a swarm of birds such figures are so popular,even a record number of downloads of up to 1 million times perday.

That said Peter Vesterbacka, Chief Executive Officer of Rovio, aposition originally given the nickname "Mighty Eagle" in the Mobile2.0 Europe conference Open IDEAS, Thursday (16/06/2011) in Barcelona, Spain.

Good news is good news considering the Rovio preparing to go public in order to get an injection of fresh funds. Rovio is reportedlyaiming for an additional 42 million dollars to expand its business ofoffering shares to the public.

Currently, the remaining profits from the Rovio game downloadsAngry Birds. The game is downloadable for free at first, but only afew levels that can be played. To proceed to a more difficult level,users must buy from the market place. Angry Birds have entered almost all mobile device platforms, such as IOS, Android, andSymbian, even a minute can be played on Facebook.

In addition, the Rovio is also running a business doll andaccessories. Dolls with characters like the game is sold online. (

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