Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Android application developers worried about Piracy

A survey done by Skyhook, a company engaged in technology, top75 Android developers concluded that piracy becomes the biggest concern of the developer. The survey results released Thursday(08/09/2011) showed 26 percent of developers think of piracy as aproblem that is quite disturbing.

While about 27 percent of developers regard piracy as a major problem. Furthermore, 53 percent of Google's developers considered too lax in overseeing the Android Market, Android software transaction center, so they are a problem.

From a financial standpoint, the impact of piracy is not small. A third of developers say they are losing potential income of morethan 10,000 U.S. dollars due to the circulation of illegal software.32 percent stated that piracy makes the cost of supporters swelled.While 25 percent said that the cost of servers come burdened.

"Android application live in the world like a cowboy without asheriff," said Carl Howe, Director of Research of the YankeeGroups. "With five other players who fight for market share, Googleshould not allow piracy killing the business developer," added Carl.

As is known, the market for mobile Internet-based applicationsincreases each year. In the United States, for example, every year there is the addition of 40 applications per user per year. A study of the technology company Ovum, predicts the number of applications in the download will be 18 billion, an increase of 144 percent over last year totaling approximately 7.4 billion. (kompas.com)

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