Friday, September 16, 2011

Intel collaboration with Google

Intel announced that it has teamed with Google to develop a special chip to get the best performance of the Androidsmartphones.

"Our collaboration with Google will bring powerful new capabilities to market that help accelerate industry innovationadoption and choice," said Intel CEO Paul Otellini at the opening of the IntelDeveloper Conference (IDC), in San FranciscoUnited States(U.S.).

"I am delighted with this partnership possible," he continued. "Thiswill enable our customers to bring exciting new products and user experience to market that utilize the combined potential of the Intelarchitecture and the Android platform," he saidas reported byTerraNet, Wednesday (09/14/2011).

Intel collaboration is of course beneficial to both partiesMoreover,as is known, Google is expanding into the smartphone market witha deal to buy the Motorola Mobility for USD12, 5 billion.

According to Otellini joint effort by Google and Intel aims to quicklybring the Atom processor family into the smartphone market that will push Android smartphone

"Combine that with an affordable smartphone Android roadmap,with the power of Intel open up more opportunities for innovationand choice," said Google senior vice president of Mobile AndyRubin"This partnership will drive forward the Android ecosystem."

Two Northern California technology giant has a history of workingtogether to harmonize the chip and software on the project include Google Chrome TVs and notebook computers.

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