Saturday, September 10, 2011

U.S. News Network Twitter Account Hijacked

Twitter account from one of the biggest news network in the United States (U.S.), NBC News, has been hijacked by a hacker groupcalled Script Kiddies.

As quoted from Neowin, Saturday (10/09/2011), a Twitter accountfrom the NBC News has been hijacked by a group of hackersScript Kiddies.

"Breaking News! Ground Zero had been attacked. Flight 5736 had crashed into the site, allegedly an act of piracy. Follow the newslater," the hacker wrote tweet via Twitter account on NBC News.

Script Kiddies group also posted two more fake tweet in Twitter account NBC News, before finally turn off the Twitter account.

After the NBC incident through another account says that theofficial Twitter account has been hacked them.

"NBC's official Twitter account has been hacked and the hackerspreading false news. We are currently working with the Twitter tosolve this problem. We apologize for this problem. We appreciateyour trust," writes the NBC News.

Surely hijack a Twitter account and spread false news about theterrorist attacks to the U.S. that will commemorate the tragedy of 9 / 11, is a heinous act, and will get the punishment severe.

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