Friday, July 1, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg have an accout in Google Plus

Just launching two days ago, Google + or called Google Plus has been flooded with a lot of takers. No half-hearted, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg joined Google Plus. This was reported by who saw Mark in Google Plus profile.
Whereas the business Google and Facebook clearly in the opposite position. Even pointed out the relationship the two companies is not so good because of the case black campaign conducted by Facebook some time ago against Google.
Not clear who invited Mark to join Google Plus. Moreover not only Mark who joined, but Facebook is also a lot of employees participate in Google Plus.

Logged enough employees and officials other than Mark's Facebook join Google Plus, the CTO Bret Taylor, Zach Rait and Arjun Banker (software engineers), Ross Blake (director of product), Francis Luu (product design), and Justin Shaffer (product manager ). However, Sheryl Sandberg, a former Google employee and now becoming the second person on Facebook has not joined.
Google is spreading to many invitations to join the technology reporter and look for the first time Google Plus before trying a lot of users. However, joining Mark is still a surprise to see this project clearly will be a rival Facebook in the social media, at least according to Google.
Kashmir Hill in his blog at Forbes also claim the same thing, that Mark Zuckerberg already have a profile on Google Plus, but the photos posted there did not show a sense of fun. That is, he says, Mark profile picture clearly shows he was not happy. Could this be related to the presence of Google Plus? Yet when compared with the profile photo on Facebook Mark gave a wide smile. reported although still in the stage of inviting a few people were deemed worthy to try Google Google Plus project, the number of users of Google Plus has been quite a lot. Surely there will be Sergey Brin and Google CEO Larry Page at Google Plus.Besides the technology and media reporters are considered quite influential and willing to give fair assessment of the project.
However, the possibility that the registered name is a person who claimed to be Mark Zuckerberg-amit can also occur. However, see how many members are there in Circles Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is the officials, the possibility is small. This means that an existing profile in Google Plus it most likely was Mark Zuckerberg.
Joining Mark Zuckerberg to Google Plus possible to see from the features of what is offered by Google Plus and of course possible to try and compare them to those on Facebook. Many of the initial opinion of those who have had the opportunity to join the Google project said Google Plus Plus is like Facebook (copy cat) with some changes in the use of terms such as Circles to Friend. ADBGFDCP9ZTW

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