Saturday, July 2, 2011

Android Dominate Smatrphone Sales in 6 Countries

Recent data show the dominance of Kantar Worldpanel ComtechAndroid OS on a smartphone sales globally, having seized siximportant markets of the world
As reported by Cellular News, Tuesday (06.14.2011), Androidmanaged to increase its market share to 35.1 percent. In fact,controls 44.9 percent recorded Android UK market. This is definitely a remarkable achievement, considering that last yeardrew the new Android 9.8 percent market share in the UK.
OS Android become number one in Britain, Germany, France, the United States, Australia and Japan during the sales week ending12th May 15 last. Especially for Spain and Italy, Symbian is still theidol. However, Symbian's market share in Italy fell from 68.3percent to 40.6 percent, following a very rapid growth of Android.

"Android is now ranked number one in six countries and continues to embrace a large share in Europe. In the U.S. market, shareAndroid tends to be static for some of the last period (54.7 percent), after the IOS (30.8 percent) back uphill," explainsDominic Sunnebo as the Global Consumer Insight Director KantarWorldpanel Comtech.
"Symbian is still having trouble, because consumers continue to wait for a Windows mobile phone. Share Symbian in most countries is relatively static, except in France where Symbian has increased 2.8 percent. But the share in Italy fell 6.5 percentcompared to the previous period," Sunnebo further.
Meanwhile, Research In Motion (RIM) also managed to increaseits market share in Europe, as in the UK rose from 18.6 percent to 20.9 percent. In Spain, RIM's share also rose significantly (8.1percent) of only 4 percent in the previous period to 12.1 percent. further information visit

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