Thursday, July 14, 2011

Take Advantage of The Game in Product Marketing

Various attempts were made to promote the product whether through advertising that provides information directly or indirectly through the promotion of such events and other activities. In the digital age, any promotional message disipkan among the available content.
Including them in the game. Kevin Osmond, COO Bouncity, a platform supporting location-based games business, said that some benefits can be achieved by entering the game in business approach.

"We can engage our customer," said Kevin. In this way, he explained, a restaurant for example, could make consumers feel comforted that have the desire to return to the same place. "The game that's also its collecting. If consumers are happy with the game, then they do not mind to come back," says Kevin.
Kevin said, the game can also be used to communicate the product. For example, can be designed game that gave the question about the product. A question that can be made eg on the telephone number delivery service whose purpose is binding on the consumer to remember them.
Entering the game in marketing strategy, especially in the retail business, he said is very precise. In addition to addictive, the main reason because the game is fun and most of all loved it. Kevin reveals, various gamifikasi actually been applied by businesspeople, though unconscious. One variety of forms is the achievement.
"For example, if it comes at a birthday, we can present," says Kevin. Another form is the appointment, for example, with happy hour system. At certain hours, customers get an attractive price.Another system is the influence of status, such as classes on credit cards. Loyalty is also another form. For example, in a restaurant there are employees who are rewarded with "Employee of the Month". Meanwhile, another form is the leader board and progression.
Bouncity including one service that offers promotional services to its merchant through the game. The model is offered as an interactive location-based games. Users who was in the area around the merchants who are promoting themselves can check in and then play the game for mendaptkan various rewards. It is very effective consumer closer to the product.
Some merchants have been towed Bouncity, one Burger King.Even since it was launched a month ago with the user base can still be said to be zero, Bouncity've managed meyakinakn merchants to join. In terms of popularity Bouncity growth was quite high with 18,000 members in just over a month.
Beyond the promotion, Bouncity like that provides a variety of social networking features to share among members whether it reviews tempatm share photos, and so on. Kevin said, now has 70 percent of users Bouncity Indonesia and 30 percent from outside.Bouncity platform has been available for Blackberry and will soon be available for the iPhone and Android.

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