Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Google : 99 Million gadget Already Using Android

Android has been transformed as the power of the operatingsystem the most feared. Google said that some improvement occurred in the mobile software version.

In the second quarter report Google CEO Larry Page saidGoogle's Android is a successful product at this time. Page said the 550 thousand Android device has been switched on every day.This means that Google already has 99 million users of Android-based phone.

This increase is significant enough, the article on the conference Google I/ O in May, Google has announced a 400 thousand Androidenabled every day. Massive increase in just the past two months alone. So that was launched by The Next Web, on Friday(15/07/2011).

Google also mentioned, although currently there are 10 million newAndroid users, but only 6 billion downloaded applications from theAndroid Market. This is equivalent to only 46 percent of users who download the application on his mobile device. Compare with 83 percent of iPhone users who download the same practice.

Page also said the number reached by Android is specifically formobile devices, and excluding tablets. Android phones, is recognized by Page, experiencing rapid growth, but not so with the growth of the tablet.

Google itself continues to expect a substantial growth of profits is still dominated by the growth of mobile advertising. Android next year was expected to increase growth again. (okezone.com)

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