Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anonymous Hackers Launch "Whistleblower"

Who does not know the initials Anonymous hackers. In the world ofunderground hackers hacker group name is already known for itsfootball terjangnya. Expanded, the group has recently launched twoWeb sites whistleblower (whistle blower) WikiLeaks similar. The goal is to reveal sensitive information from government and corporations.

Both sites are each LocalLeaks.tk designed for information relating to corruption and errors at the local level. While the site isHackerLeaks.tk to other data that was stolen.

HackerLeaks site, which was launched since June 25, 2011 has revealed the first information in the form of a list of personal details of officers Orlando, Florida. This list contains the revenue officials,home values, and other data.

"Hacker helps the hackers to divulge the material interesting," CallHackerLeaks site.

LocalLeaks sites, which have been launched since January 2011and then, offer ways for people to send anonymous informationrelating to police brutality, corruption, government mistakes, orharassment in the workplace. (kompas.com)

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