Thursday, July 21, 2011

Google+ has reached 18 million users

Google+ recording it name in history as the fastest growing social networks in the world.

Paul Allen, Co-Founder mentions in his analysis,Google+ has reached 18 million users until Tuesday (07/19/2011)American time. However, this growth was down 50 percent.

"Last week, we saw more than 2 million people register at Google+ in one day," Allen said in his analysis as quoted by Mashable."If this rate continues, Google+ will reach 20 million users to come on Sunday night. But in the past four days, users of Google+ the average increase of 948,000, and yesterday onlyincreased 763.00 users. The growth of only 4.47 percent yesterday,this figure was too late since Google Plus opened July 6, 2011 ago,"said Paul Allen's analysis.

Why Google+ slows down? Google Trends indicates the "buzz" about Google's Plus does not move, and there is no "items" a newmajor. Allen makes an important point by saying Google Plus is not promoted by a variety of other properties owned by Google. Social networking is still limited to invited. Once Google Plus promoted on YouTube or, growth skyrocketed.

Previous estimates Google Plus Allen reached 10 million users onJuly 12 and July 13. Number 10 million users are confirmed Google CEO Larry Page on July 14.

Google+ users who have the most lots followers is MarkZuckerberg's with more than 250,000 followers, although Mark did not post at all on his Google+ account.

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