Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Google+ Account Must use Original Name Profile

Following complaints from Google+ users who objected to the policy of the original name for the profile, California internet giant revealed an explanation soon.
A blogger Robert Scoble United States claimed to have been asked directly the issue to Google's Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra who hopes the policy could be taken more positively.
Gundotra insisted on this policy are like restaurant regulations that do not allow guests who wore a T-shirt to enter the restaurant.
"According to this Gundotra is not a problem using the original name. He (Gundotra) policy is expected to invite the user to use the identity that they use as well as' get rid 'profile with strange writings such as using small and large characters, or someone who is clearly using fake names like' god 'or worse, "Scoble said in a statement via his Google+ account Pocket-Lint was quoted as saying on Wednesday (27/07/2011). 

Google has also explained his decision to close the accounts under a false name on the User Content and Conduct Policy Google item 13, "In order to help cope with spam and avoid fake profiles, use the name used by friends, family or colleagues to call you. Examples , if your full name is Charles Jones Jr.. but you are usually called Chuck Jones or Jones Junior, two names that could be used. "
Not long after Scoble posted that explanation, Google's Vice President of Product + Bradley Horowitz also wrote a brief statement on his Google+ account.
Horowitz claims that Google is looking for ways to facilitate the registration process so that the problems facing the current is reduced drastically in the future. He also denied that the closure will result in account deletion of entire Google+ account user.

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