Thursday, July 14, 2011

Typewriter 100 years old in Shanghai

SHANGHAI has all world-class museum that you would expect. Butif you want to explore a little more, then you will find a number ofmuseums are unique and funny, too.

Of the museums that store various forms of chopsticks up musicbox from time to time. This city is filled with unexpectedentertainment. One is the museum of Shanghai or ShanghaiTypewriter Typewriter Museum, quoted from CNNGO.comOkezone on Thursday (07/14/2011).

When entering the museum, children will feel confused with 50typewriter that was in the screen.

"I will tell them that this is the computer's grandfather," said acurator named Han Tao Feng. Foreigners will be amazed after discovering antique typewriter from their country.

Upon entering the museum is free of cost, you will find as many as 300 old typewriter collected by Suzhou, an international trader LuHanbin born and now lives in the Czech Republic.

Just a suggestion, if this place do not go home first before looking at the typewriter over a hundred years old, the typewriter was madein 1809. The museum is located at 248 Wuxing Lu, near JiangouLu. The museum is open from 10 am to 10 pm. (

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