Sunday, July 24, 2011

Game On Google+, Still Rumors

Social games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars may have been agame on Facebook, it seems the same title will be a major part of the Google + as well.

Based on reports and screenshots, it appears that Google's helppage Google+ already makes a line of code to Stream Games aredesigned to be part of the updates together to bring the game.

As quoted by TG Daily, Saturday (07/22/2011), Engadget found acode that refers to the new social network launched earlier thismonth. This code refers to the game known as Google+ Game.

TechCrunch Games then find the Google logo and the code for the link features Application programming interfaces (APIs).

Google's Vic Gundotra then asserted that, "The company iscurrently working with a developer API for Google + make the gameon."

Something quite interesting is to see that Google plans to take a 30percent stake in Facebook game developer, to go home togoogle's servers.

This can give game developers more profit. This could mean a big boost for social networking beta by attracting the attention ofdevelopers and their loyalty.

In any case, all the above is a guide, plus a list of product managers work on "new business" so-called 'Games on Google,' pretty muchconfirms the presence of games in the future of social platforms arecurrently being developed rapidly. (

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